About Me

I started my spiritual journey many years ago while travelling in Thailand. Yoga became my love and passion pretty much instantly and my life started to have real meaning.

This wasn’t actually my first foray into the yoga world however. I had taken a class on board the high seas on a cruise ship where I spent 10 years of my working life but my hectic life wasn’t in tune with yoga at the time.

Looking back, I can see that yoga was a complete contradiction to my lifestyle in my 20’s. Now in my 40’s, I realise the problem wasn’t yoga. It was me.

I wasn’t willing to face any physical and mental obstacle, or bring up any emotions. I went to bed late, ate junk food, went to parties every night. So where would yoga fit in? Well, the short answer was, it didn’t.

It was only when ship life came to an end and I began to detox that I started to embrace a more temperate way of life.

My trip to Thailand was a revelation. I adopted a healthy-living, clearer-thinking, daily-cleansing routine. Yoga made me stronger, changed the way I thought and gave me confidence and inner power.

Tuning into my body and listening to what I really need, how to nourish the cells, sleep, patience and practice are truly what I enjoy these days. Understanding how to share this knowledge has also become a key part of this. So much so that my daughter at the age of five already practices yoga and clean living.

Yoga Training

After my trip to Thailand I studied a teacher training course with the (BWY) British Wheel of Yoga. I then decided to travel to the state of Goa, India, to immerse myself in the art of yoga. It was exhausting, amazing, frustrating, rewarding and something that I had never experienced before in my life.

I knew teaching others was going to be hugely rewarding however, so I was dedicated, focused and committed to learn.

When I returned to the UK I started to teach at The Self Centre in Bury St Edmunds, a studio ran by Carole Baker, a beautiful teacher with a good soul.

After that I returned to the place that had captured my heart – Goa – to further my training. It was a pleasure to be on Indian soil to gain my 500-hour yoga alliance certificate. I really engrossed myself and loved every second.

My next journey was to Dubai to study children’s yoga with Groovy Kids. This was really good fun and involved creating themes, stories, music and looking at breathing techniques.

Back in the UK I continued to teach at The Self Centre before setting up a yoga yurt in my garden where I was joined by several yogis in the sunshine.

A year later I returned to Goa again and looked at multi-style yoga. The course left me with some truly inspirational friends and teachers across the globe. The weeks we spent together gave us a really special connection.

Yoga On The Beach

Today, I live in Mallorca, Spain, and attend classes as well as teach by the beach front a couple of mornings a week. I also hold classes online via Skype with clients.

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